Community Information

Vance Road Extension Update:

The project is continuing to move forward. The town has agreements with utility providers to relocate overhead lines within the project (that work should start soon). The Town is in the process of acquiring right-of-way from property owners with 3 of the 7 parcels needed already acquired. Most of these properties are on the northern end of the project where grading easements are needed to tie the new road back into existing Gilead Road (north of the subdivision). The project utilizes the existing right-of-way within the subdivision with most work occurring between the existing curb line of Vance Road. Once property acquisition is complete and once utilities are relocated, the goal is to start construction this summer and finish before the end of the calendar year.

Latest Update from the Town:
The project is currently being advertised for construction and we will open the bids on 7/7/2021 at 2pm. Here are some additional estimates:

  • Contract to be executed at a Board Meeting in August and Notice to Proceed (NTP) needs to be issued to the contractor
  • Contractor to mobilize on the site, which takes approx 1-2 months.
  • All utility work needs to be completed or very close to completed before road work begins
  • Construction duration is approx. 12 months, estimate September 2021 to September 2021
  • You won’t “see” road work construction until the fall 2021. There are many other items first, placement of signs and erosion control preparations.

As generally depicted on the below image, the project will change the travel pattern in this immediate vicinity to utilize Vance Road instead of the existing Gilead Road alignment on the eastern edge of the community. This road alignment was set prior to the Gilead Village community development and is part of a larger road alignment plan ( The full Vance road alignment is one that goes from NC73 near the Beatties Ford Road intersection south to W. WT Harris Blvd at Mt Holly Huntersville Road (this Town project is a small piece to that alignment plan).